The state of education in Nigeria and the health of the nation

The rehabilitation of the educational sector should be treated as a public health issue says Victor Dike because the survival of Nigeria as a viable society will depend on the health of her educational institutions, and how well the professors and support staff are treated.

The Future Lost: The Economic and Social Consequences of Child Abuse In Africa

Child abuse is rampant in Africa. This growing oppression, from domestic servitude to outright slavery, is not only immoral explains Debbie Ariyo, but it is also undermining the continent's capacity to achieve economic growth and international competitiveness.

Underdevelopment and Education in Africa

An education system designed by and for Africans is the key to economic progress in Africa, which has suffered from deliberate underdevelopment, argues Macleans A. Geo-JaJa.

Last Updated Wednesday, January 23, 2008