Technology is the Root of All Evil

Technology has been used by others to exploit Africa for centuries. It is now time for Africa to grasp technology and finally embrace the modern age’s clay of wisdom and advancement, argues Philip Emeagwali

Ethnicity and tribalism: are these the root causes of the Sudanese civil conflicts?

Recent civil conflicts in Sudan, including in Darfur, have commonly been explained as clashes between competing ethnic groups. Pamela Paglia argues that this concentration on ethnicity as the primary cause for conflicts in Africa underestimates the complexity of African societies and politics.  

Slave trade: a root of contemporary African Crisis

The slave trade was a crucial part of the development of international capitalism. The role of African ruling classes in the trade was not very different from the position of contemporary African elites. They both traded the resources of their people for self-gratification, argues Tunde Obadina.

The myth of Neo-colonialism

Blaming Africa's woes on colonialism and neo-colonialism strikes a cord with many educated Africans, but the focus on external forces has drawn attention away from internal factors crucial to an understanding of Africa's condition. With or without colonialisation, African societies would still today be faced with fundamental economic dilemmas, argues Tunde Obadina

Last Updated Wednesday, January 23, 2008